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 on: Today at 11:51:49 AM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by BigT
Isnít there a setting that prevents failsafe if itís too close to home? There to prevent getting your fingers chopped in the event of tx swamping the rx etc?

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 on: Yesterday at 11:24:38 PM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by English Turbines
if you have your antennae horizontal you need your tx antenna horizontal:) simple :)

  Yes, I think I mentioned this previously. I only think I had my TX antenna vertical when I had the Failsafes, not absolutely sure. Keep in mind that this model has had quite a lot of flights on it without problems at all when both RX antennas were horizontal and that they were set 90 degrees to each other.
 It is true I had a much stronger RSSI signal when I set my TX antenna parallel to the ground.

 The RX antennas are still 90 degrees to each other now, difference is, one is horizontal and one is vertical. This should give better reception and diversity generally considering the plane is mostly flying wings level. Regardless of my TX antennas orientation. That's the theory anyway.
  Im still concerned that when the model crashed, it didn't go into failsafe at all...at least not as far as the FC was concerned. Maybe it was in stage 1 Failsafe?



 on: Yesterday at 10:01:49 PM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by Schalonsus
How do you throw?
Dont touch aileron, elevator stick, this aborts launch mode

 on: Yesterday at 08:14:19 PM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by BigT
I did all the pre load stuff on the new tx, cal sticks etc. Only error I have is that the bootloader is not the same as the old tx. Not sure how that happened. My thought re trimming of old models is that the new Ď18 model tx has the new gimbals so algorithm is different.
There is a problem with the old tx, Richard thinks itís the voltage transformer and the old firmware of the module. No problem for me as the change over will only cost me about £50 net. Richard at T9 seems a really genuine chap. Nice in this day and age, reminds me of my Old Man.

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 on: Yesterday at 05:13:32 PM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by Steve W
The whole point of the diversity antennas is that they are meant to be mounted at opposite orientations so that one will always receive a signal regardless of how the plane is oriented.

 on: Yesterday at 05:12:18 PM 
Started by Steve W - Last post by Steve W
Yea.. I think I'm going to just keep this one as it is, it's a fun little plane which is all that matters really.

I don't really like the 808 camera for the sole reason that it is quite a narrow FOV compared to the Mobius - but it is what it is, and to be honest my flight camera is pretty nice anyway so I'll probably just post video from that if I record the ground feed. We'll see - like I say, it records as soon as the plane is powered up anyway so no effort required - just how I like it :D

 on: Yesterday at 04:04:59 PM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by Billy_boy_2010
if you have your antennae horizontal you need your tx antenna horizontal:) simple :)

 on: Yesterday at 12:16:04 PM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by English Turbines
Weird goings on with my Z84 yesterday. In a nutshell it flew great on days 1 and 2. Day 3 O My Gawd!! new Tx which obviously has different gimbals and switches so calibration is not the same, so I was expecting some issues but not as bad as experienced. Hand launch in manual resulted in near vertical climb and roll to the right. Servo autotrim could not handle the elevator but sorted the roll. Landed, disarmed to save settings, tried to launch in nav launch (on a switch) no go. Man launch to check trim still climbing so tried servo trim procedure again 3 times and finally got it level with trims centred. Half hour later flew it again and elevator out again. Repeat as above and got it level. Flew another pack to check horizon mode, alt hold and that was ok. Tried RTH LOS  and it buggered off and specked out into the distance! Luckily my pal had the gogs on and he talked me back into sight. The reverse of the correct procedure!   
Other issues are throttle not shutting off 100% of the time. Think I might start over and flash the FC again and set up the rx in iNav as a new model.

As an aside, even though the models where backed up in OpenTX and loaded onto the new tx, every one flown so far, except the Betaflight Racing quads, has been wildly out of trim.

  Hi Big T,
               Have to say, after flying my Z84 for a while now, Im not surprised by this at all....Firstly, the Z84 is pretty sensitive to trim and it does not need much at all in the way of surface movements.
  Inside iNAV, (and my Taranis) I had to spend quite some time in the Receiver bar chart section making sure the throws and 1500 stick centres were spot on, with 1000 / 1500 / 2000 showing on all controls.

 After doing some meddling with linkages or throws or whatever, I always now make a point of getting the model straight into Horizon Mode after launch ASAP because I know the FC board trims are correct and unaffected by throws / trims / centres...Level is Level..lol.
 I could not get on with Servo Autotrim at all, and basically get the model at a safe height and then switch from Horizon into Manual and watch which way the plane deviates. Then, its land and adjust the quicklinks and try again until it's about right, very tedious indeed.

 Fact: You cannot use Autolaunch if your trims are not exactly centred...I think this also includes any Subtrim in your Taranis too as the FC is looking for 1500 centre and bugger all else. A strange way of going on, they might want to re-think this..?

  That's okay though, because I always set it up so that when it disengages Autolaunch, it goes straight into Horizon Mode, which is very handy, especially if you have to abandon Autolaunch by stick interruption.
  I only seem to use Manual these days during a hand launch or landing sometimes.

 Did you calibrate the sticks on your new Taranis..?....It seems there was nothing wrong with the old Taranis then..?



 on: Yesterday at 11:50:04 AM 
Started by Steve W - Last post by English Turbines
OK - back to topic.

She's back ... I got very bored, very quickly with the Bixler and decided the Z-84 had many more positives that outweighed the bad so I decided to rebuild it. It's the same in every way apart from:

1. I'm now using a DAL 6040 unbreakable (hah!!!) prop instead of the bullnose style .. I seem to have a LOT more thrust! ;D
2. The prop is green instead of black ....  :laugh:
3. I have the 808 #16 camera mounted permanently on the canopy, and powered from the Rx without a battery so it's light. The footage isn't the best, but it's acceptable for what it is - this is not a camera ship anyway. I can take it or leave it, the live feed might be more of interest anyway. But it's "fire and forget", it's there regardless.

Test flight has been completed, just needs a little more mechanical up-trim so I can centre the transmitter trim and it's good to go ... I chucked it in ~20mph winds and the T1000FC did its job really well.

Note to self: don't lose your temper and rip apart a perfectly good plane just because you get in a strop over losing a Mobius lol

 Hi Steve,
                  Good to hear the Z84 is re-born again...for such a small plane it flies very well I think. On a side note, someone in our Club the other day was flying his big Z84 LOS. Despite not flying very far away, he and I had difficulty seeing its orientation which was surprising given its size, must have been the stripes on the underside...?
  My Bixler 2 has been retired, I got sick of flying it as it flew so badly TBH. It's a shame they stopped making the 808 Keychain camera, it's such a lightweight, perfect for the Z84.
  If you drop an FC and iNAV in it, you could always drop one of those micro DVRs onboard. Despite being permanently in a form of Widescreen NTSC, they record fairly well and also run off 5vdc. You need a clean 5vdc though, not from your RX I would suggest.


 on: Yesterday at 10:40:49 AM 
Started by English Turbines - Last post by BigT
It was a bit buttock clenching as the viz was pretty awful from the ground and these little wings get pretty small very quickly. As it was it was on the edge of video failure due to the low cloud and general humidity. My pal was observing on his fatsharks with a LaForge diversity that he was testing for the first time. He didnít realise that the patch antenna he was using was dodgy but the other Pagoda worked OK.  As an engineer a detest unreliability, especially something like RTH.

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