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 on: Today at 01:15:49 PM 
Started by Austin7 - Last post by Austin7
Hi yeah sorry.  Itís the one Rx that came with the the Walkera.
Ended up taking it all to bits and soldering a new aerial on.  Good practice I guess.  Just exposed the same length of wire as the other one. 
Itching to bilious a quad now.  Enjoying everything FOV so far. :)

 on: Today at 01:00:27 PM 
Started by ktnch - Last post by ktnch

 on: Today at 12:44:50 PM 
Started by ktnch - Last post by ktnch
Help with immersion jr module

been having problems with the receiver in the bixler so decided to upgrade the firmware to the 1.53 in toth tx and rx, soon as i have done that the tx module just does 6 rapid bleeps continuous.

the receiver in the skywaker works faultless but had to upgrade that firmware as well so now not got any working at all lol


 on: Today at 09:33:38 AM 
Started by drambuidhe - Last post by drambuidhe

 on: Yesterday at 10:55:10 PM 
Started by steve_eulat - Last post by steve_eulat
Hi! I'm a 40yo IT guy with a keen interest for everything electronic! I'm looking for races, or a club, or just a meetup of like-minded people in the Richmond/Twickenham area.
Is FPV/Quads popular here in London? Really looking forward to meeting everyone, build cool drones, crash them and rebuild them :)


 on: Yesterday at 12:07:40 PM 
Started by Austin7 - Last post by Coyote
Not enough information in thread to give any answer. Frequency, are you talking about your control, or video ?

 on: July 14, 2018, 08:15:44 PM 
Started by Schalonsus - Last post by Dizzy
That's mad lol, pretty good picture considering the vibe and the speed  :D

dizzy  ;D

 on: July 14, 2018, 10:15:51 AM 
Started by Chilternflyer - Last post by MichaelOveva
Looks like a nice build   How well do the v6 brakes hold up with all the extra performance on tap??

 on: July 14, 2018, 12:28:09 AM 
Started by RayBlueSky - Last post by Steve W
lol, I have an F16 version of this - it's been on the shelf for a couple of years now I think!

 on: July 13, 2018, 04:05:50 PM 
Started by RayBlueSky - Last post by RayBlueSky
This is my new Baby  :) a F22 RAPTOR MMmUUuuHHHAHhhahHah..... Gheezus I don't know what came over me for a moment there  ;)

Don't get too excited because this one has a total wing span of nearly 3 Hundred and 10 millimetres


it wont actually fly without a FC even though its a chuck glider, once power is added it has a completely different set of aero dynamics that go pear shaped so it has been challenge  :+

This will have FC GPS RTH OSD and full FPV  :) looking forward to the maiden flight

I will post a vid as soon as...

Cheers RBS

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