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Hi All

Just a quick post letting you folks know we have a fully field tested 5.8  32 channel RSSI tracker soon to be launched on kickstarter for pre orders it comes with the following features

RSSI signal alone is used for tracking (no on board equipment required)
360 degree continuous rotation
32 including channel scan/select/browse functions
Removable processor chip for software upgrades
1602 LCD display streaming live data (RSSI/Direction and voltage monitoring)
Calibrating & setup functionality
User interface via  5 way navigation and reset buttons
Antenna mount MANUAL tilt lock/beam angle adjustments and can accommodate various antenna designs
Built in low voltage buzzer alarm/LC filter/video amplifier and large battery bay
Video / audio and 12v dc out for powering monitor/goggles
Also works as a lost model finder

Cost will be around  160 per unit

So just plug in your goggles or monitor select your channel and that's it

more information coming soon

I have been involved with the field testing of this tracker and have to say I`m impressed with its capabilities. I loved the fact you don't need any specialist equipment on board your plane. If it has a Vtx fitted then your good to go.

The tracking was perfect from it out over several km that we tested it at. It never drifted off, lost communication or had any glitches associated with the other styles of tracker.

If your a Boscam / Skyzone user then this is a brilliant bit of kit.


     Are there any plans to make another version that WILL play nice with immersionrc transmitters ??

Yes given that I guess that 70% + use Immersion? this would seem to limit the market...I can see that a specific brand of receiver might be an issue but can't quite see how a transmitter can be a problem ?

I would guess the other way around Adrian, my money would be on Boscam having much more customers due to being much more affordable.

An immersion version would surely drive the price up.


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