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During the testing / development of the system I found that immersion compatability is a bit...  funny.

It seems to depend on the vtx models of theirs you use.

All of them work..  some work better..  others..   are just carp.

I guess they use different encoding technology. 

So muxh like the skyzone goggles.   It works.. but luck varies!



--- Quote from: tommyd on March 16, 2015, 03:11:13 PM ---Hi Wgt40w

I see where you are coming from and yes it is possible to convert the system if there was enough interest to make it viable then it is something to consider for sure

Thanks for your input we will look into it


--- End quote ---

I would be happy to place a deposit for a first immersionrc version.

Have you tried some patch antennas rather than helicals on it?


Hi Andy,

 Sorry for the delay  and yes we are testing some at the minute for the manufacturing final that should fit in your original shroud design making it nice and compact.

attached is a link to a quick review from RCTV UK


Jake Bullit:
Looks great,but your missing a big market share if it doesn`t  work with IRC.

Best of luck to you both.


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