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Just a bit of advertising, i hope it is ok:

Two friends of mine started a Kickstarter project. Its a race wing, called MiniRaceWing.
It has a carbon fuselage where you can put all the electronics and is save when you crash.
The wings are detachable, and if you crash they detach themselves and this absorbs the most force of the crash.

I fly a prototype for a year now and i'm really impressed. Nothing broken yet, even if it took some good beating over the time. This concept leads to flying low and fast, chasing your friends around the fields and trees.
With the modular design, you can also make or buy your own wings and easy mount them to the fuselage. With the ability to easy adjust the COG and thrust angle you can make nearly every airfoil flyable.

I would recommend this wing also for beginners, because its really extreme crash tolerant.


Just had a look at the playlist, I really like the concept, it looks like it works fantastically well !

Nice little wing.

I think it's a fantastic idea - I need to watch some of the videos later.  Does come in quite pricey though, but there's a lot involved in getting all the tooling sorted.  I like anything that portable. 

One genuine question.

Would you prefer for your entire airframe to be superdurable (like a laminated EPP wing) or have just the centre section be durable and have replaceable wings?

I see this is a good concept, but to me looks like an evolution of the old monkeyblunt plywood centre section that was around a few years back.

Except this time it's made out of carbon fibre and way pricier than many mini race wings out there.


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