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I have had some interest in the little Wii wing, so I thought I would bring it in to my new profile.
I think I was selling them for £10 + p&p.

I know some of you guys had these little wings of me, so if you have any videos of it to add to this thread, please feel free to add them.

these pics show my one with covering on them, to be honest, there lighter and float better naked

hear is a video of the wii wing flying, I know Badlands won't mined me putting it up. like all of his videos, its a good watch.

and if you want to take it to the extreme, this is it with FPV gear on it.

This video showes how thay go together.

I have included some wooden components in the kit, thy are the motor mount bits, it is not necessary to fit the bit shown hear in red, it is a bit over kill for such a small motor, I haven't used it in any of my builds.

If you are after a wing, please PM your details to me and I will contact you when there ready to post.

just a heads up, when you open these wing parcels, please be careful not to cut to deep into the card, you could cut into the wing.

I cut these wings to order, it takes me longer to pack them, as it dose to cut them out, at the price i'm selling them at, its not really worth my time selling them, I do it for the kick it gives me, knowing you guys like to fly them, so from now on, I will only deal with people, with 5 or more post's, to cut down on time wasters.
Sorry if this is inconvenient.

Happy flying.  ;) G

I have an overwhelming urge to own one of these.......

I have ordered up some Depron Dave, hopefully have some ready to ship soon, I have never had any complaint with them.
its a great little wing, something to throw up on those sweet summer evenings.
 ;) G

What motor / prop / batt combo do you run with this?

Superb wing kits - I might add this vtx/cam to mine...


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