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Hi all,
Looking to purchase a MFD AAT soon and therefore will need to mount the beast😁
However I normally fly alone mapping crops and consequently drive to the block of land/farm that I will fly, so would it be better to mount it to the roof of my truck via 4 suction pads so nice and stable or go with a tripod set up ?and if so what should I look for, height? Head? Etc etc etc

You could go for either really. I have mine so it can mount on either. But 99% of the time it's on a tripod because I fly away from the car.

I think I prefer the idea of roof mount ! But I also have a tripod I used for a theodolite so not sure if it's what's needed, having not seen the AAT in action for real ! Does the tripod need to extend to a minimum height to get the best out of it ? Do they all come with the correct mounting screw etc ?
I hate buying twice basically 😁

It comes with the standard tripod thread in the base. Mines permanently moi Ted to the quick release saddle so it swaps over in seconds.

The tracker can be on the floor if you want. If you add the local GPS then you would have to consider height for better GPS reception but apart from that the only consideration is LOS to your craft flying 

Brilliant!! Thanks again for the advice 👍


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