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Quad Hut - Birmingham FPV store

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Quick update

Had some more deliveries : 2inch props, paint pens to give those edges a bit of colour, battery pads and replacement antenna for flysky and frsky receivers

nice little shop, just order a couple of quad distribution bored's, to use as a ubec in a plane.
 ;) G

Had some more items in :)

small amount of Taranis x7
FrSky XM Reciever
FrSky XM+ Reciever
X-racer F3 FC
raceflight f4 board
micro f3 fc
f3 AIO fc
micro stackable vtx
XT30 connectors

Jake Bullit:
Could only find Rx by searching,no section for Rx?

I can't find the Taranis x7 on your site. Can you reserve a Black one for me if you still have them. My order on GearBest was cancelled so I need to find a new supplier?


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