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Looking for a tracker. Don't know if there is a cheap one. I've ad a eagle eye which I thought was crap having to set it evertime I used it. I do like the myflydream tracker. I'm flying with a eagletree vector. Is there any other tracker I can use that's a bit cheaper then mfd and better then eagle eyes.

Apparently there is an all new MyFlyDream line coming out soon with AP and Tracker. If you can hold on, and if you believe the hype that is.

Yes there is reportedly a new MFD range being launched BUT i bet it will have a new price too. I think I know where there is a brand new in box MFD tracker that was bought and  never used as the chap gave up long distance 5.8 FPV in favour of 1.3. Actually I think he gave up with that as the new regs scared him off. If your interested I will investigate further. I think it was a 12 channel. Let me know.

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Yeh could be interested Big T. I can't find anything about the tracker.


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