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Hi all. I'm in need of some help  for some reason I cant connect my mfd att v5 to the mfd ap. I have everything connected even the audio but for some reason it's not connecting. The picture is good si not sure what to do. 8 also have a telefly pro and it picks that up with no problem. Is there anything I'm doing wrong

The MFD AP will be sending it down the video feed instead of the audio, your telefly OSD will be transmitting down the audio so it will be a setting in the MFDF AP menu to swap data from video to audio.

I cant download the manual from the myflydream site because the link has gone to go further into it.   

Thanks for the reply coyote for the help. I have the manual but I cant fine where you swap audio to video. In the osd menu it asked which att your using under v5 att select y or n for v5 or over  would this be it?

In the MFD AP menu I'm sure there is a "Use old driver option" maybe in the misc menu which swaps it to audio transmission from video.

Cheers coyote. I think I know what it could be. The lead from my lawnmate vrx for audio and video are the wrong way round. I only get a picture when I plug the white connector in the video (which is yellow) on the tracker. Could this be the reason why I cant use the tracker with the ap. If so where would I be able to get a another lead from. 


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