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Eachine VR D2 Pro Advice for new antennas


 Hello everyone!

 I recently started flying a FPV 5'' quadcopter which I bought used from someone I knew.

Now the googles that came with, were the Eachine VR D2 Pro that came with two antennas, a "mushroom" and a "flat".

The googles I got thought, did not have those antennas. They instead had this one: https://www.banggood.com/Realacc-5_8Ghz-5dbi-50w-RHCP-4-Leaf-FPV-Antenna-SMARP-SMA-Red-p-1091104.html?rmmds=search&ID=514095&cur_warehouse=CN

Now my question is, since those are diversity googles, do I need both antennas and why? If yes which ones should I buy.

I am quite new to the hobby and still trying to learn all that stuff!

Much appreciated! :)

The antennas in your link are Skew antennas and are what is known as "circularly polarised" (the RHCP stands for "right hand circularly polarised" - you can also get LHCP which is left-hand) .... it's important that the polarisation matches on both the transmitter or receiver.

The "mushroom" antenna is omni-directional - meaning it transmits / receives in all directions, whereas the "flat" one is what is known as a patch antenna and is directional - which means it picks up signal in the direction it's facing.

The reason for the diversity is simple - at range, the directional antenna will be picking up the signal (as long as you're in its "beam") and the omni-directional antenna will not be able to reach your aircraft at the same range.

Once you fly back though, the omni-directional antenna will pick up a better signal as you fly around yourself, allowing you to land etc without worrying about staying in the beam of the directional antenna.

So for a diversity system, having two omni antennas is a bit pointless because they'll both be just as capable as one another - whereas if you mix and match you get the benefit of being able to do long range flying via the directional antenna, but close in flying with the omni-directional one.

Do NOT use a directional antenna onboard your aircraft.


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