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I just thought I'd add a couple of pages to show you what I have secreted in my stable.
Electric wise I have a Multiplex EasyStar that I use for First Person View (FPV) flying. (No need for picture because everyone has one)
As you will see on the Events Page we have a FPV meeting scheduled for May the 21st & 22nd at Bardney which will hopefully demonstrate some of the gear available.
FPV flyers from all over the country will be attending along with Mr. Simon Dale of firstpersonview.co.uk  and with a bit of luck, Mr. David Ashby of RCM&E will be there to do an article of the day.   

I have not really got into the electric scene yet and so most of my models are nitro i/c powered. Mainly because I understand it.

My personal favourite that really built my flying confidence after a few years lay off is the Black Horse Twister.
With an Irvine 46 up front it soon eats up the sky and climbs vertical with ease.
It took a little abuse when I first flew it. After misjudging the final turn height it met with a ton of solid concrete. After refitting former F1 and disposing of the broken cowl she has been good ever since. I've used this as a camera ship as well as practicing new moves and she has never let me down still going strong to this day. (famous last words I hear you say)

Next I guess would be a model of the first full size aircraft I flew in.
Another Black Horse model is my DH Chipmunk in R.A.F. training livery. It is very well built as is all the Black Horse kits.
She has an inverted OS 70 FS up front which has proven very adequate for scale like flying.
The fully operational flaps slow it down nicely for scale speed landings and the four stroke motor gives it a nice sound as well.

Next in line is my recently aquired Cessna Skylane. I bought this second hand with an OS 120 FS up front. I'm always a little wary about 2nd hand engines but I needn't have worried about this one, she starts and runs real sweetly and of course gives it the four stroke scale sound. I flew this for the first time back in January and after mixing down elevator when the flaps were deployed she is a pleasure to fly. With an 88 inch wingspan she's no 3D model but a nice stooge around the sky.

My next one, I bought second hand on a whim and have yet to fly is everyones favourite aircraft, The Spitfire. I just bought it and hung it up in my model room, I don't even know what the motor is and if it runs as yet. I hope to fly this in the summer and see how she goes with full house radio including flaps and retracts.

One of my "Hot Ships" is the CMPro Swallow. This has an OS 120 FS Pumped engine up front.
This has flown a couple of times put engine doesn't seem to run right. This is another one to be figured out in the warmer weather but I'm sure she'll be fine.

Another one I got second hand is the Harmon Rocket.
I saw it fly in the guys hands but I've personally not flown it yet. Another one of the many summer projects if I ever get the chance.

As an ex licensed fullsize glider pilot when I saw the ASW 28 (or is it a DG 1000) come on E-bay I simply had to have it. My initial thought was to chop the nose and make it electric powered, which I may still do. But either way there is plenty of room in there for my FPV gear so I may just go that way. It all depends how the mood takes me if I ever get around to building it.

I have a few more models like a Piper Cub and another trainer but they will be going on E-bay shortly to pay for my latest aquisition.
I have just won this one on E-bay that I have been after for a long time.
The Royal Aircraft Factory BE2c from WW I. Originally built in the Philipines by K&W Models it's a very rare model to find. 
It was quite a bidding war to be sure but think it'll be worth it.
Imagine this with a Pan/Tilt camera in the back seat?

Isn't she a beauty?

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