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This is a simple shot of where i now live, winds blowing @ 37mph

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Here are a few photos of my first proper build.

For the technically minded, the frame is a Tarot Iron Man FY680 folding Carbon Fibre one.
It has six DYS 2216 880KV motors with DYS 30A ESCs using SimonK firmware all running from a DJI Naza M-Lite flight controller.
I'm thinking I might have to upgrade the motors at some point.
The radio system is a Turnigy 8 channel Rx and a Turnigy 9xR Tx.
The FPV system is a GoPro Hero3 Black mounted on a Tarot T-2D gimbal running on a Boscam 5.8Ghx VTx down t…
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ETs Ranger G2....iNAV and the R9M Control System


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