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Title: Multi channel 4s lipo charger?
Post by: ched on June 17, 2019, 06:18:42 PM
With the stupid regs coming in in Nov I am going sub 250 gms. I have a Diatone R349 3" (https://bit.ly/2XtM1oC) on it's way.
I have 4 550mAh lipos ready (from the Lizard 105 I destroyed). I am intending to order 4 650mAh Panther graphines taking me to 8 batts. So I guess about 32 mins of flying.
I also have about 8 4s 1500mAh lipos from my 5" that wont really be used any more come Nov. So I am trying to find a 4s powered multi channel lipo charger to charge the small lipos in the field. That way I can use the old 1500mAh lipos to charge the 550-650mAh lipos.

The only one I can find is this 100W 5A 4CH Lipo Charger for 3S 4S (http://bit.ly/2ZxJtX5)  which is only about 48. The problem is the lowest setting is 2A per port. So it's 4C charging which worries me a little!!!

So anyone know of either a cheap single channel 4S lipo chargers (so I can buy multiple ones) or a multi port 4S lipo charger that is 4S lipo powered?

Alternatively do you think a 4C charge on 550mAh lipos is OK?

Cheers for any help.